Sunday, February 19, 2012

Golden Gate Park....

... is awesome!

Ocean Beach /  Beach Chalet

golf course

 cool trees

 Buffalo Paddock

 stairs to Anglers Lodge/Fly Fishing ponds

GG Park Stables

boat rentals

 interesting meadow
(the stairs are what caught my eye)

Japanese Tea Garden
(the trees looked like something out of a Suess book)

Music Concourse

California Academy of Sciences

de Young Museum
(definitely coming back here to see the Masters of Venice exhibit.)

This was a cool area... the de Young, Academy, Concourse, and Tea Garden were all in the the same area. 
You just turned around to the next one.

Botanical Gardens
(there's not much you can do in the Botanical Gardens)

Sharon Art Studio
(This was part of the Children's Playground. There's an enclosed carousel behind me, and a huge playground!
They were making screen prints, or something, inside.)

Conservatory of Flowers

then on the way home...

Painted Ladies / Alamo Square

(old photos from an Academy tour, my first week in SF)

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